Compassionate Giving

Looking from the inside of those who enter the Hot Zone.

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

Bless all those who help others, especially at their own peril. Stay safe, my friend.

11020246_910301889000278_2043236846143421153_o Dr. Larry Stock, my friend from working in the Antelope Valley Emergency Room, is helping Ebola patient’s in Africa. See what he writes below the photo.

Donning the “suit” is an essential step before entering the “hot zone”. This is where we treat diagnosed Ebola patients. Entering this completely closed protection requires the help of a tender. Each component part of this uniform is essential and must be respected. Once inside, it is like a sauna, and feels claustrophobic. I am getting more comfortable and acclimated to working under these conditions. Each day is long, but I am meeting fascinating people every day, and continue to grow and learn.

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5 responses to “Compassionate Giving

  1. So nice of you to share this and spread the love for all those helping on the front lines; the heroes that risk at their own peril. ❤

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    • It is a struggle I have been following since the first outbreak was announced (not the outbreak in the ’70s of course!). The focus on the heroes is so vitally important as they risk so much to save others and most of them are volunteers. It’s a pity the queen doesn’t hand out knighthoods to doctors and nurses who brave it all to save lives instead of sportsmen and musicians who entertain. Just a thought.


  2. I like your thought, a good one. Again thank you and it’s nice to meet here in this great cyber community we have. 🙂

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  3. Nice to share! Made me think how brave these people are!

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