Woohoo! #Wensfriesday!

Drinks for all today! I’ve completed my first day in my new role at work and it rocked. I love it and the job encompasses everything I enjoy – reading, literacy, encouraging children to enjoy reading and better themselves and progressing the school to the best of its ability.

Anyway, never mind that. We have more important things to discuss. What sweet treat did you enjoy today? Please tell me you gave yourself something nice to celebrate the first Friday of the week. For my Wensfriesday treat, the Hubble bought a bag of Liquorice Allsorts…yum!!

Tucked up in bed after a very long day, we are snuggled up with the goody bag, picking out our favourite ones. My second favourite day of the week is tomorrow because it is Library day at school. Next week is World Book Day and preparations are in play for a fun-filled day. My dream is to one day have Scat, Miranda, Le Brush and Cecil featuring on the reading list for World Book Day.

Have a lovely Wensfriesday and don’t forget to share your treats. ☺️

31 responses to “Woohoo! #Wensfriesday!

  1. You sound so happy! Glad to hear it. 💖

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  2. Congratulations on completing your first day as Specialist Literacy TA, Eloise. That’s a dream come true. You should read “What Color is your Parachute.” You may come to the conclusion that your dream job is as a Specialist Literacy TA!

    I hope that you and Hubble are enjoying the yummy Liquorice Allsorts. I suspect that you are not, because they have all gone by now.

    I am counting down the days to my [business] trip to Naples in Florida. Next week will be very intensive and I have a lot of preparation to do between now and Monday. The pressure is on. What am I most looking forward to, apart from meeting up with colleagues and friends? My daily morning run along the boardwalks of Clam Pass Bay to Naples beach. Humid, but warm. Super!

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  3. So glad you had a great day!
    As for my sweet treat: I enjoyed a slice of cheesecake yesterday although it was my fasting day… but hey, I stuck to the maximum amount of calories. I just needed that treat as I felt super hungry all day long… not the healthiest option but oh well…

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  4. I’m glad your day went so well!

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  5. I managed to squeeze in a #Wensfriesday! treat before I climbed the wooden hill to my welcoming bed: three scoops of vanilla lite ice cream!

    I know it’s the middle of winter and a strange time to be gulping ice cream, but then you all know that I am completely crazy!

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  6. Yes, I’m a day late again, but I’m so pleased to hear that your first day in the new job went so well. 🙂

    My treat yesterday was a bag of giant chocolate buttons. OK, I’m still on the Hugh diet and should only have had only eaten two, three at the most, but it was Wensfriesday and that is my excuse.

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