1000 Voices for Compassion

I haven’t had a chance to contribute to this page for a while and as it is coming up to the date, I thought it would be nice to give a quick shoutout to those that help others.

I once did a story on a group of volunteers that dedicate their time and efforts to rescuing vulnerable people from around Berkshire and its surrounding areas. I have not been actively involved with them for a while now, but always see their presence at children’s sports events, social events and on callouts for missing persons. Not only do they wake up at any time of the night or day to assist the police, their reassuring presence is there to support the community in the event of any disasters.

The voluntary team I am talking about is the Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue. No payment is given to any of the members for the time and energy spent training, learning first aid and rescue strategies to help the community in every way they can. All the members are 100% volunteer and do it because…well because they can! They want to give back to the community, do something positive for others and be a part of a family that supports the community in a fantastically positive way.


Have a look at their website and if, like me, you appreciate selfless people that make a positive difference to society, let them know the next time you see them at an event. You can’t miss their gorgeous red control van and I’m sure they would appreciate a kind word.

Thanks for reading.

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