Book Tuesday: Cecil The Bully – Chapter Two

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Everyone in school was excited. Mrs Palmer had announced in assembly that the local MP, Mr Craven and his personal assistant plus a photographer, would be visiting the school to have a look around. They had heard of all the improvements at the school and looked forward to giving it a big thumbs up. Of course all the teachers and the headmistress were proud that their school was chosen for a visit. It wasn’t everyday you had an important Member of Parliament visit a local school, unless he wanted a photo opportunity with children!

The visit was scheduled to take place on the last day of the term before they broke up for the Easter holidays. There would be a special assembly and the Easter Sticky Competition winners would be announced and presented with their prizes. This year Mrs Palmer had promised the overall winner of the competition would receive an extra large Easter egg filled with delicious chocolate buttons. Every child at Arden White Primary School wanted a chance at winning the coveted prize and set to work designing their Easter hats, Easter Gardens and of course decorating hard boiled Easter eggs for entry into the Easter Sticky Competition.

Beefy Bertha and Tiny Thomas sat near the swings in the playground waiting for Cecil to come out from his detention. He had been caught swirling someone’s tie in the boy’s toilet and had to write 100 lines of ‘I will not swirl school ties in the boy’s toilet’ at break time. Mrs Swansey, the Year 2 teacher in charge of detention that day was very busy preparing her classroom for the special visit and didn’t notice that Cecil had only written five lines before disappearing out the class doors leading to the playground. She fussed around the class pinning up the best pictures drawn by her favourite students and removed the less than perfect efforts from the others.

“Cecil! Over here!” called Bertha in her high pitched voice that didn’t match her large body. Cecil smiled and walked over, pushing a little girl with pigtails out of the way. She squealed as she fell to one side, completely missing her turn on the hop scotch and grazing her leg. Her friends ran to her side, watching the horrible Cecil smirk as he pushed his way past a group of children waiting in line for the slides. Some jumped out of the way in time, noticing the square shaped figure of the most notorious bully in the school.

His two minions giggled as they watched his path of destruction and waited till he flopped next to them on the only clean bench in the playground.

“What did Swansey-bunsy say when you left early?” sniggered Thomas.

Cecil grinned. “She was too busy to notice. In fact, none of these teachers seem interested in our practical jokes anymore.”

“Yeah well it’s tha’ big shot’s comin’ to our school, innit” replied Bertha. “He’s go’ em in a tizz and all they can fink abou’ iz how cool our school iz gonna look.”

“Maybe we should do something special too,” thought Thomas, busy digging for something lost in his rather large ears. A sticky yucky piece of wax coated his finger and he concentrated on shaping it into different blobs of ick before rubbing it on the seat.

“That’s actually a good idea!” said Cecil. “What if we had a special surprise waiting for this big shot to show him what a wonderful school we have here?” he said mimicking Mrs Palmers voice.

Bertha and Thomas giggled. This sounded like the biggest practical joke ever and it sent tingles down their spines. Their three heads drew closer as they carefully planned their special surprise for the guests arriving at the school in a few days. The whistle sounded for the end of break and they filed in with the rest of the students, busy whispering their plans and completely ignoring the frightened faces of the children around them. The usual suspects who were tortured every end of break looked relieved that Cecil was too busy to give them a quick wedgy and the girls flicked their ponytails, happy to see that Bertha didn’t have her Barbie zig zag scissors hidden in her jumper pocket, ready to give them free haircuts.

In fact, the Year 6 class walked in with a sigh of relief that no-one was held up by the fight that usually broke out because Thomas had stepped on someone or kicked someone in line. Those that stood close to the three troublemakers overhead plans for feathers, confetti and something that rhymed with two. The children were surprised that Cecil and his friends seemed to be planning to enter the Easter Sticky Competition. They usually tried to destroy everyone else’s entries, but they were so consumed with their ideas, they didn’t stop talking until the whole class was seated.

By the end of the day the three friends had a plan in place and ran out of school to get the supplies they needed and agreed to meet up at Cecil’s house later.

Cecil lived about five minutes away from the school. Once out of the school gates, turn right down Ruby Lane and follow the pathway, through the underpass to Holly Road and a quick left to house number 3. His house was the one with the big holly bush overgrowing onto the public pathway. It made it very difficult for anyone to pass their house without getting pricked by the pointy leaves, but Cecil’s dad didn’t see it as his responsibility to cut the bush.

“Leave it for those lazy buggers at the Council,” he would say when Mum complained. “They get paid enough for their tea breaks. Let’s see them do some work for a blasted change!”

Bertha was the first to arrive. She could barely see over the large pieces of cardboard and crepe paper she carried and Cecil opened the door to help her in. Thomas came round the corner laden with carrier bags filled with glitter, glue, feathers and paint. Cecil waved and waited for his friend to come in. Once settled at the kitchen table, they took stock of their supplies:

Three pieces of cardboard
One big bag of coloured feathers
Five pots of glitter, paint and glue
Paint brushes
Crepe paper
Confetti and
A Steamy’s chocolate bar! (This was for later – a celebratory chocolate for completing their project)

“I think we have everything,” declared Cecil. “Come on, let’s get started. We only have three days left before the special visit.”

All three agreed and began creating their special Easter creations for the local MP and his entourage. It was going to be one big fantastic surprise. Cecil, Bertha and Thomas giggled. This would be the best prank yet.

Click here for Cecil the Bully, Chapter Three.

7 responses to “Book Tuesday: Cecil The Bully – Chapter Two

  1. This is brilliant, Eloise. I’m so pleased to see you took the idea I had about making one of Cecil’s gang members, a girl. I love the description you gave of her and off all the things these naughty school kids get up to in everyday life. The ear wax thing was yuck, but so true 🙂

    I’d have no hesitation in saying that this is going to make a great book for children and I can’t wait to find out what they have planned for the MP’s visit. The sticky Easter competition – classic! I laughed so much at the thought.

    Please, don’t keep us waiting for Chapter three 🙂

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  2. That sound like something big is coming up…

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