Cecil The Bully

Hi!  Welcome to Book Tuesday.

I will be attempting to formalise my blog a bit more and add Book Tuesday to push myself to write more short stories for your viewing pleasure (hopefully!)  So to kick off the first Book Tuesday, I would like to write my first draft of Cecil the Bully with you, my reader.  It will be a bit rough, and there may be errors I will have to correct and re-post.  Please bear with me.  I’d like to see how it feels to get immediate feedback from you on how the story flows.  This will be a children’s story, so if you feel the urge, share it with your children.

The background to the story is:

– Cecil is a bully at school.  He is probably ten years old and an average sized boy with no redeeming features to make him too attractive or unattractive.  He is an average child.

– My favourite addition to the book will the the phrase, “snot-licking, nose picking brat who loved to make everyone’s life a misery!”  This will definitely be integrated into the story.

–  I’d like to give him two friends (there are always two sheep!) who happily go along with his horrid behaviour because it gives them free thrills to be close to the power source and they are too silly/dumb to think for themselves.  The classic sheep child.

– Cecil commits a serious crime that even leaves him shaken – not sure what yet.  It brings the police to the school and of course, the tall thin lady who looks like a raven with with long black hair (my character from Spoilt Miranda).  She watches Cecil and his minions and they shift uncomfortably under her steely dead gaze.  What is she thinking?  What could she possibly do to them?

– Now of course we have to move onto how the story shifts into gear.  How does he learn his lesson?  What happens to Cecil to make him change?

– the turning point.  The fear factor that shows him how wrong it is to scare the children around him.  Feeling that fear himself and knowing how awful it is.  Maybe not, maybe something else – not sure yet.  Of course we will have to travel back to school with him and see the effects of the lesson learned.

– End off with the good moral, the raven lady walking away from the school and maybe a shadow or cloud moving away and letting the sun back.  Something positive and light.


Okay, so that’s my plan for today.  My mission is to post the story before midnight tonight (GMT time). Please leave feedback, positive or negative.  Let’s have some fun with Book Tuesday!  See you later. xx

14 responses to “Cecil The Bully

  1. Sounds like an interesting character. I like that you plan to have a lesson in there – to show children both sides of the story and the impact behaviour can have for all involved. Your planning is well thought out, and I look forward to reading about Cecil’s journey 🙂


  2. It looks like a good plot. I’d like to see Cecil do something truly heroic towards the end of the story. Perhaps he could save the tall thin lady, who makes him feel so uncomfortable, from a terrible fate.

    As for fear, you may like this image that I just stole from the Facebook page of a fellow blogger. She won’t mind.


  3. It didn’t appear. What it says is…..

    F-E-A-R has two meanings:

    Forget Everything And Run
    Face Everything And Rise

    The choice is yours.


  4. I read the first chapter earlier on, Eloise, and it reminded me of a mixture of ‘Just William’ and “Dennis the Menace’.

    Having two friends for Cecil as his sidekicks is a must, but perhaps make one of them a girl, so you can have a good mixture of what each may get up to when they are not all together? If you don’t like that idea, then maybe make one of the friends a year or so younger who always follows Cecil and his friend everywhere.

    I like the idea of a scatty headmistress as well, or a scatty teacher somewhere in the story and then another that all the kids really fear because they have a voice that sounds like a crack of thunder rumbling across the sky, the kind that makes birds take flight and all humans and animals run for cover.

    Perhaps I’m taking over a little here… 🙂

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    • Not at all! I love the fact that it’s inspiring ideas. That’s exactly why I did this. I love your ideas Hugh. Thank you. I will give the first chapter an edit and repost. Let’s hope you like it.

      Thank you for the feedback. I’m really excited about throwing ideas around with fellow writers.


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