Create New Myths — Write for a London Literary Mag

Speaking of opportunities…😊


LITRO started life as a free print pamphlet featuring just one short story. It then became a pocket-sized monthly magazine—still free—with a handful of short stories and the occasional spot of nonfiction and poetry, published for London commuters. They are now a print magazine with a different  theme for each issue and  also a full-fledged online platform for general fiction and nonfiction, as well a place for readers and  writers to discuss various aspects of literature, arts and culture through features, reviews and interviews.

You can submit for print or online publication and the wages are the same for both – honour and glory. Magazines like this have never been about money, they are very lucky to break even, it’s all about being a showcase for interesting new writing.

Here’s the list of forthcoming themes with the deadline. They accept short fiction, flash/micro fiction and nonfiction, but NOT poetry.


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6 responses to “Create New Myths — Write for a London Literary Mag

  1. Very interesting. Thanks for posting this Eloise. I’ll certainly be taking a good look.

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