Let the Festivities Begin!

Taliana has opened the ball and it looks like a party to remember. Her parents are watching over the different realms leaving her with time to mingle. Don’t forget click on part two and three to follow the story and if you’d like to attend the ball, link back to her. Now shall we dance?

Eclectic Alli

Taliana spun around the room, enjoying the way that her skirt fanned out around her.  She felt like a child again, spinning and laughing as the shimmering fabric sent sparkles of light all around her.  It was a minor illusion, bits of light shooting through the closest threads, but her father had been so excited to figure out how to make it happen.

“I’m glad you like the dress, dear,” her mother called from a corner of the ballroom, “but perhaps you could stop twirling a moment to give me a hand?”

Laughing, Taliana hurried over to help with the threads — even though this was a relatively simple celebration there was still the possibility of multiple worlds, so the threads needed to be secure. It did not hold the same importance of the last party she had thrown, but, after the encounter at the Masque the wards had earned extra…

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