Monday Coffee Time

The chilly evening air whips open coat tails and loose scarves as the door to the coffee house seems to be opening and closing every two minutes. For a Monday night, the place is pretty full and the regulars have taken their seats near RyanLanz on mismatched overstuffed chairs close to the shelved brick walls filled with books. My hazelnut hot chocolate courses through my cold veins as I sip it and go over my terrible author bio on a new site.

Cold air snakes its way through the warmth and I look up to see Serins and Chris (the story reading Ape and not the Musclehead) walk in. Both look frozen to the bone and immediately rush to the counter to order a warm beverage. EclectiAlli catches my attention with her announcement that she’s having an un-birthday party blog party on the 15th. Excitement ripples through the crowd and some of the bloggers who participated in her Masquerade ball last year discuss how much fun it will be to do it all again. I turn to Melissa and ask her if she has ever taken part in a blog hop party. The fun of meeting new people and reading their stories linked with the main one is both exciting and challenging.

I quickly nudge Nicholas to capture his attention. He is busy considering new marketing ideas for his beautiful children’s book, The Runaway Smile. His other bookset, The Perseus bundle, has a few new ideas too which seem to be taking him away from his hot coffee. I ask him if he will have time to attend the Un-birthday party and before he can answer, the bell tinkles and we all look up to see the new arrivals.

Sally blows in with the cold air and light snow flakes, holding articles she has collected from different bloggers. Everyone waves hello and she quickly joins a group close to the Thomas Hardy books in the corner.

My throat tickles and I succumb to an embarrassing cough attack. Victo and Lucie walk past and stop to check if I’m okay. It’s always nice knowing doctors! They regale me with amusing stories of patients suffering from this awful flu going round and I am grateful they take the attention away from my watery eyes and choking sneeze-coughs!

I politely excuse myself and leave the coffee house for the evening. Having a cold for the third time was no fun. As I turned the corner I bumped into Lance, Hugh And Trent and told them I’d see them next week. A smile broke out across my face and Mama Mia songs started running through my head! I blame Hugh. 😉

35 responses to “Monday Coffee Time

  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Eloise has invited several of us over for coffee and it is a great way to meet people – I see some friends of mine have popped by too.. really terrific thanks Eloise for thinking of my… I will have a hot chocolate too. thanks


  2. This is such a cool way to promote your friends!


  3. Silver Threading

    That is great. Poor Hugh. 💖


  4. Reblogged this on Lance Greenfield and commented:
    It’s a shame that Eloise was leaving as I arrived. I sometimes have this effect on ladies! (Hope not)
    Anyway, it was good to meet up with some of the regulars and, of course, my old friend Lucie. These coffee meetings are such fun.


  5. I’m not sure exactly how you’re doing this coffee club thing but I do love the idea. I’ll keep coming back for more


  6. Hi Eloise! Glad you could make it to the coffee party this week!


  7. What better place to be than having coffee with you on a cold Monday in January (even if you were leaving as I arrived). Sorry about Mamma Mia! I had Abba songs playing on iTunes all day yesterday, but pleased to say it’s all passed now. Oh no, now I’m thinking Mamma Mia! again 🙂

    See you next week and I’ll certainly be checking out the links in your post.


  8. Thanks for saving me a seat 🙂 At this rate I’m not going to want to do anything else but sit, drink coffee, and catch up with all the amazing people in your coffee house! And I didn’t get the chance to answer your question…I’ve never been involved in a blog hop party, but it sure sounds like fun 🙂


  9. This is a cool idea. Who knew. 🙂


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