Cecil the Bully

Following on from Spoilt Miranda (available from Amazon), Cecil the Bully will be the next child who encounters the strange lady with the long black hair and raven looks.

“Cecil is a snot licking, nose picking, nasty boy who knows how to make other children cry. With his two pimple faced minions, he wreaks havoc at St Margaret’s and the teachers are at their wits end.

A visit by the local police and their specialist consultant, Ms Crow, send the children running for their desks! This strange woman offers to stay for a week at St Margaret’s, to teach the ‘wayward children’ how to behave.

What will Cecil do when Ms Crow shifts her dark, menacing gaze at the bully?”

In the next few weeks, I should have a rough draft of Cecil and his friends. Once the book is written and edited, I shall run a competition to choose a winner for the first edition of Cecil the Bully.

Watch this space!

In case you wanted to order Spoilt Miranda in the meantime, I would highly recommend the paperback edition as it includes the fantastic illustrations of Alessandra Rutili.



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