First #Wensfriesday of 2015

Happy #Wensfriesday!

As this is our first mid week break, I thought it would be nice to sit back and enjoy…chocolate! After all the lovely Christmas pressies and chocolate themed gifts, I’m finding it hard to resist temptation. From the light swirls of creamy milk chocolate to the rich dark depths of delicious temptation, we have them laying about the house, crying to be eaten. It would be a shame to let them go to waste so I have to be brave and sample a different type each day.

The children received gift bags filled with sweets and I have had to restrain them from eating the whole bag in one go. They are not used to having so many sweets and the novelty of stuffing their mouths (probably the same way they’ve seen their mother) is very tempting. We have agreed to allow them a sweet treat after dinner each evening as the destruction to their teeth will hopefully be minimised by making sure the breakdown of sugars and food happen at the same time and regular brushing of teeth withstand these treats. I do worry about their teeth and make sure there is a decent balance, even with such lovely treats.

Now comes the awful part…putting on weight! Yes, the battle of the Christmas weight has begun and I am diligently working through DIY projects and taking long walks with friends and their dogs to break through the flab. Apparently my special present for turning forty is a body that likes to hold onto its fat. Double the effort to remove half the weight. Joy! Well, I have to do it as I feel like I’m in an alien body at the moment. Most of my friends are dieting and joining clubs. I admire their spirit and believe in their success. I guess I first need to jump on a scale before I’m forced to that extreme measure.

Since dieting leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, I feel it is time to enjoy another treat! Hahaha! Just kidding. Or am I?

Enjoy your Wensfriesday. 😄


14 responses to “First #Wensfriesday of 2015

  1. Yes chocolate, but not necessarily sweet – 85% cocoa Belgian chocolate goes down just fine…


  2. Silver Threading

    It so changes after 40! I fight the battle too. I could eat sweets all day 😦 ❤


  3. I’ve decided that I have far better chance to lose weight in the Summer when it’s warm and salads are all the rage. For now, I’m just going to be very careful with my portion sizes and reduce my alcohol intake. Come summer, I’ll be back on the white wine instead of the red. Does that make sense? No! 🙂


  4. Loved the joke of chocolate being a plant/ salad …lol…love the blogs new look almost thought I stumbled into the wrong space and then I saw your lovely picture..all the best with those ‘chocies’ (that’s what my nephew calls his chocolates…)


  5. Hey El… I’m a fan of the white background and so I like that here and the so the images stand out more here but, but if you ask me, I loved your previous blog theme because we got to read everything you wrote in small concise rectangular spaces – felt more cozy there even though the background was little dark blue. I’m thinking a theme with smaller fonts and smaller pages would be easier to the eye..This is just my opinion..does it make sense? I know how we all tend to get bored with our themes you definitely need to switch things up every once in a while.


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