The Last Tuesday

The dying rays of a cold Tuesday sun is reflecting off the walls and mirror in my cosy dining room as I send out this message to the bloggosphere. I’m counting down the few hours left before we say farewell to another year that has been incredible to say the least.

When I first started blogging in February this year, I was terrified that no-one would read what I had to say. That awkward embarrassed silence of the world ignoring me!  Instead I met the most interesting, loving, inspirational friends and associates who have been instrumental in pushing me forward as I venture into the world of writing.

The Hubble and I had agreed that if my books did not sell or attract interest by the end of this year I would have to look for a job to help support the family. It was a fair agreement.  Thanks to my blogging friends and community, the books have received reviews and publicity to help them along.  My sales have increased (not enough to make me rich but enough to say I’m not a complete failure!) and there has been interest in my poetry.

Thank you for following my blog, commenting, giving good advice and sharing your lives, work and loves with me. It has been awesome!

Tomorrow is the last #Wensfriesday post for this year!  Get your sweeties and drinks ready and lets have a party!  Wishing you all health, wealth, success or maybe just peace and tranquility for 2015.  I will be looking forward to meeting more of you and following your fantastic blogs.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

10 responses to “The Last Tuesday

  1. Reblogged this on Greenfield ParLance and commented:
    I have just started my blog in the last few days. Eloise has really been a great help and inspiration. I hope that I can share similar sentiments regarding my blog when the end of 2015 approaches. Perhaps Eloise the author will be rich by then, and I’ll be on my way!


  2. Have a great New year, Eloise!


  3. I started March 30th with my blog and am so happy we found each other. It is going to be a fabulous year… just you wait and see. Yea! You get to stay home. ❤


  4. I’m so very glad our paths crossed this year, Eloise. And I never thought I’d hear those words form you, but when I got that Twitter message saying “I’m in the Apple store and thought about you” I jumped for joy. I did it, I got you in an Apple store. Oh, hang-on, maybe you had to go in there anyway?

    Happy New Year. Enjoy the celebrations and see you on the other side of the New Year. 🙂


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