Frosty Wensfriesday


Only two weeks left to Christmas! Are your ready? Has the crazy shopping stopped in your home or are you still frantically scampering around for the perfect presents for loved ones?

I’m still motoring through and will do the last minute bits next week. I’m a last minute kinda girl, with time chasing me!

A special Happy Wensfriesday goes out to my Hubble today. He is celebrating his second 21st! He is lucky enough to be attending my youngest son’s nativity tonight and I shall be helping out behind the scenes – a job I thoroughly enjoy. I get to see future actors/artists going through the motions and excitement as it gets closer to the curtain call. Once the play starts and all manner of things go wrong, our little troopers keep the performance going and sing like angels. It brings home the blessings we have around us and the perseverance of small people against dodgy microphones and stuttering projected backgrounds. I’m one of those crazy mums that sing along to the music (softly enough not to embarrass my children!) and my cheeks hurt from smiling throughout. Yup, I’m a sucker for any stage performance!

What do you love about the build up to Christmas? Or what do you hate?

Right…I have to get back to scoffing my Ferrero Rocher chocolates so I will bid you farewell for now.

6 responses to “Frosty Wensfriesday

  1. Happy almost Christmas! It sounds like you’re a busy bee 🙂

    I’m traveling over the holidays so I’ll be with the kids but dealing with airports.

    Chin up, though! 2015 will be magical ^.^


  2. Oh no, I missed Wensfrieday! Well happy belated Wensfrieday from me.

    I hope the Nativity play was a huge success. I watched the movie ‘Nativity’ for the first time last weekend. Such a wonderful movie, it had me in tears of laughter, sadness and joy.

    Only two more Wensfrieday’s until Christmas 🙂


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