Do You Name Your Christmas Tree?

It has become a tradition in our house to name the Christmas Tree we choose to represent our celebration of advent every year. In the past we have used the plastic alternative (much to my displeasure!), until my Hubble could be convinced that trees weren’t like the ones we had as children – the prickly needles wouldn’t fall all over the floor and rug coating our living is shards of nasty dead tree! Once he allowed the first sweet Nordic pine with soft needles and anti-moulting tendencies into our domain, he was hooked!

Choosing the tree is as big a fight as naming it! We are not the fussy type that drive miles to the killing grounds to select their tree straight from the forest to cull it there and then. Just like chickens, we’re happy to buy them from the local supermarket; as long as they’re fresh and look good. Our Homebase, a hardware and gardening store, stocks a lovely selection of pines which is not too big so that we are trapped there spoilt for choice. Sometimes too much choice is not a good thing in a family of six. For example, look what happened when Hubble thought it would be a “fun idea” to let the children come with us to choose one kitten as a companion for our older cat, Tarzan. We ended up coming home with all four kittens thanks to choice and the matching number of kittens to children! No, choice is fine when it is limited.

Right, so we go for a special Nordic blend that doesn’t drop its needles, has a soft, beautiful texture to its leaves to avoid prickliness and looks like it’s straight out of a picture book. We leave the absolute mayhem we have created behind and spend another fifteen minutes in the car park arguing over which we we put the tree into Yoda, our Chrysler, last year. (for those of you that haven’t read about Yoda, I give my car names too!). By this time the store assistants should have had enough time to re-wrap all the trees I requested to see and made them open, only to refuse them for the first tree we noticed. Sorry again!

We’re on our way! A quick stop for a bucket of KFC, because obviously choosing a tree is hard work and keeping the natives in our tribe, yes our children, quiet requires us to feed them frequently. Once home the tree is placed on its special stand and we all step back to admire the oversized mammoth of green in the living room that dwarfs everything else in comparison. I am not a patient person so whilst they gather in the dining room after cleaning themselves up, I start trimming away at the branches until the giant breathes in and becomes a more acceptable size. By this time, names are flying across the two rooms and arguments ensue. Last year was the easiest year to name our tree. We called it Roy after my brother-in-law who passed away. It seemed appropriate since his birthday fell on Christmas Day and we missed him so.

Once the name is chosen, hot chocolate is made and we toast the tree. Trimmings are squirrelled out from the loft and decorating begins. And that, for us, is the beginning of advent.

If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, you know what I will be doing. Will send photos and let you know the name once the dust settles and Michael Bublé is crooning in my ears about Christmas for about the third time…we love his Christmas CD!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend everyone, whatever you’re doing!

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9 responses to “Do You Name Your Christmas Tree?

  1. I’m sure you realize that the whole celebration of Christmas can vary from one country to another. What does not vary is the fact that Christmas is the day we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ into this world. Whether some people celebrate Christmas with a Yule log or a candle or a Christmas tree, the basic understanding is that Christmas is the crib. Christmas is Jesus. Christmas is the coming of the Son of God, Emmanuel into this world.

    In Europe & Middle East you can have your tree already named from the Forest Directly.

    Nothing says Christmas more than trimming the tree. But sometimes the quest to find that tree can be a challenge. What wonderful traditions, the naming and the planting.

    Oh, and in case you think I have changed my opinion, I still believe that Santa is a great addition to many events.

    Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice, Happy New Year, and warm wishes to all.


    • Thanks for sharing this Mihrank. Yes, it is true that there are many wonderful traditions around the world and it’s great to appreciate how we all celebrate the birth of Christ. How do you celebrate Mihrank and do you name your tree too? 😊


      • I am coming from Jewish mother and Armenian father. I respect both religion.

        Whoever said that Christmas only comes once a year does not, obviously, live in Jerusalem. Thanks to a glut of Christian denominations confined in one small geographical space, Christmas comes three times in the Holy Land – more here than anywhere else in the world.

        In every other part of the world, Christmas can be penciled in on two dates: Dec. 25, celebrated by Catholics and Pentecostals; and Jan. 7 as celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox church.

        But due to a calendar glitch, the Armenian Orthodox church in the Holy Land celebrates the Nativity of Jesus on January 18 and January 19th. This also coincides with Russian and Greek Orthodox faithful who will make their annual pilgrimage to Qasr El Yahud for the Feast of Theophany, which they celebrate on that 18th. The Ethiopian Orthodox church will celebrate the Baptism of Jesus on the afternoon of the 18th while on the 19th, the Coptic Orthodox and the Syrian Orthodox Churches will celebrate Epiphany at Qasr El Yahud.

        For the Armenian Christmas in the Holy Land, the Patriarch in Jerusalem, priests and a marching band will make a procession from the Old City of Jerusalem to Bethlehem. The processional continues to Bethlehem’s Manger Square where there is an official reception at the Church of the Nativity. Services take place throughout the night including a midnight service at the Grotto of the Nativity.

        Traditionally, families will have a holiday meal of pilaf and fish and will attend a Christmas mass at Saint James, a church rebuilt in the 1200s in Saint James Convent in Jerusalem. The Christmas service takes place at midnight and is a unique event as the only light is provided by the colorful oil lamps hanging in the square stone basilica.

        The calendar for the Armenians in Jerusalem affects their New Year celebrations we well. On Jan. 13, Armenians will ring in the New Year with celebrations and a mass in Jerusalem’s Old City. Christians celebrate with a feast on New Year’s Eve and mass on New Year’s morning

        Finally, we name our tress on Saint names from the bible!


      • Wow, that is wonderful! I hope you get to celebrate the days with your family and friends Mihrank. It is a special time, no matter which religion you follow. What you described must be incredible to witness in person.


  2. Wow, I’m impressed, Eloise, not because your Christmas tree is already up, but because you also name your tree. We do the same as well, although we usually name ours who ever wins Strictly Come Dancing, so the tree has to wait at least a week before it is christened.

    My niece Anna, put her Christmas tree up on Nov 1st. Yes, November 1st, and says she’s not taking it down this time. I somehow think her mother will have other ideas about that.


    • Hahaha, that’s enthusiastic! Ooo I haven’t caught up with Strictly! What names are on the list? Glad you’re back safe and sound. I’m swamped with keeping up the Christmas spirit at the moment so hope I don’t peak too soon lol!


      • We are left with Jake, Pixie, Caroline, Frankie, Mark and Simon. As it’s Christmas, it has to be Pixie doesn’t it? 🎅
        I’ve been battling with reinstalling a printer for most of the day, and just done it – hooray!
        Keep that Christmas spirit going, Eloise. Mine’s a vodka please 🙂


      • I think Pixie would be perfect! Well done with the printer. Is it an air printer for the apple gadgets?
        Hahaha will do Hugh. One Vodka lime and lemon coming up! xx


    • No, it’s wireless but is a Cannon Printer. It started playing up yesterday just as I was printing Christmas card labels. The thought of hand writing all those envelopes sent me into a panic, so thankfully after deinstalling everything and then reinstalling everything at least twice, it’s working 🙂

      Cheers from me 🍸🍹🍺🍻

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