Monday Rambles – One Lovely Blog Award

This beautiful and talented Nishi has honoured me with One Lovely Blog Award Nomination! A huge thank you to a fantastic lady with an abundance of talent. Join her on her Monday Rambles…

The Showcase

Monday is here, the beginning of a new week. Since Monday is all about Keeping It Short and Simple ( my version of KISS) and since this blog is called ‘The Showcase’ guess its time I revealed an award that has been standing proudly on my imaginary blog mantlepiece for a couple of weeks. Its high time I thanked my fellow bloggers who nominated me for the award and so here I go –

So I was at Amanda’s ‘Big fat award ceremony‘ she said the whole event would be something in the lines of a Big fat Greek wedding and Oh, it was a grand event alright! With a fancy cat on the drums while we waited with bated breath to hear the nominees, the unlimited champagne that flowed the whole night and the dancing that followed – despite the fact that I have two left feet and…

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