Perennial Favorites: Talking Shop with Published Bloggers

In case you missed this post, a pick-me-up feature on veteran WriMo writers that have published their books. A good read.

The Daily Post

Last year, we asked five veteran NaNo authors (and bloggers) for their accumulated wisdom: each turned their NaNoWriMo project into a published novel. To inspire you current NaNoWriMo writers, here are their insights once again.

Earlier this week, five published NaNoWriMo authors shared their insight about getting started with your own 50,000-word novel. One week (and 5,000 cups of coffee) into NaNo, we invited our panel of veteran storytellers to share some concrete advice about finding an audience for your project.

No matter where your word count stands currently, or even if you’re just cheering from the sidelines, join us for another round of tips, cheers, and inspiration.

Let’s meet, once again, our enterprising panelists:

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