I found my killer!

The pressure of writing a novel in one month is slowly getting to me. I started late and have been playing catch up ever since. The mountain of words are sitting behind me each day are waiting to be vetted and used in constructive, interesting sentences. My usual style of re-writing sentences a few times to see how they fit a specific paragraph is a luxury I shouldn’t indulge in, but can’t seem to relinquish.

Well, the good news is I found my killer. The loose nightmare and storyline from hundreds of years ago has finally found its legs and is galloping along with me trailing behind. Whilst showering and deliberating over the tasks ahead this morning, one of the voices in my head shouted out the perfect link to my murderer. The cat and mouse game of trying to keep my audience guessing was keeping me up at night and at last I have found another twist that should  hopefully leave readers enthralled. Hopefully!! It’s a great feeling when the links fall into place.

There’s a lot of bulking up and filling in to do to tie up loose threads from the investigative side of things and I might have to email a few friends in the police and forensics to answer questions. It will be worth the hard work once the book is complete…in a month!

On the work-front, I have other books to complete before Christmas and another personalised story for a child I wrote for last year. I get a bubble of happiness whenever I hear back from parents about the personalised books I have written for their children.

Right, back to the grind-stone!

4 responses to “I found my killer!

  1. Keep going. I admire you and everyone else who stepped up to the challenge. I gave it a miss because I knew it would start stressing me out with what I already had on my plate for this month.


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