NaNoWriMo – The Iron Pendulum

I think I’m going mad!  I’ve decided to join in the crazy challenge of writing a novel within a month.  Okay, I’m a few days late and have a half baked idea, but there’s the great feeling of icky nervousness and the cold sweat of thinking 50,000 WORDS!!

Wish me luck and good luck to my fellow writers!

6 responses to “NaNoWriMo – The Iron Pendulum

  1. wish you luck – I am ready for this challenge – I know I will win for sure, I have my entire writers will guide me to victory!


  2. Welcome to the asylum! Come sit with me – I have all the pudding 🙂


    • Yay! Thank you! I need a buddy, especially one that has pudding! I’ve only pulled 2061 words today and I’m targeting 5000. What are my chances? How are you doing?


      • thats 2061 words towards your goal so i think you’re doing fantastic! 😀 the key is to not beat yourself up if you don’t hit the daily mark – the “lost” words can always be made up in little chunks.
        i’m on track with 42 hundred-something (been googling ryan gosling ‘hey girl’ memes for motivation, lol) but today is a bit of a struggle so i’m writing scenes that appeal to my mood.
        remember: You Can Do It!


      • Well done! You have your game plan and it sounds fantastic! Right, I’m going to try and get another batch of mindless collective phrases together and pretend they make sense! See you later!


      • Keep on keepin’ on girl! Good luck!


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