Masquerade Ball!

I’m attending a Masquerade Ball and wondered who would like to go with me? Eclectic Alli is throwing the Ball of the year and it would be rude not to go, plus there is the hidden purpose of meeting the keeper of the threads. Come with me!

Eclectic Alli

I love Halloween.  Always have, probably always will.
Part of what I love is the ability to dress up in costumes and pretend to be something new.  I imagine myself into another world all the time in my writing, Halloween is one of the times when I can dress up and pretend off of the page.

For Halloween this year, I want to host a Masquerade Ball.  An epic party, and you’re all invited.  The doors open October 25th and the party will run through the  31st!

This is a huge house, with lots of rooms, lots of space, and lots of people.  What experience do you have in your little space of the mansion?  What costume are you wearing, or, who are you for the evening?  Perhaps some characters from a work-in-process are along for the fun?  Maybe something exciting happens?  This can cross mediums, and take any…

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6 responses to “Masquerade Ball!

  1. you have a secret!


  2. I’m already having so much fun! And the more the merrier! 🙂


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