Happy Wensfriesday!!

A little African Humour to brighten your Wensfriesday!!

The days are flying, weeks melting into months as we race towards the end of the year.

Take a break, breathe in and enjoy today. Even if it’s a rotten day, embrace it! Tomorrow will be different; the details will change. So take what today brings and just let it ride as you decide to celebrate Wensfriesday!

3 responses to “Happy Wensfriesday!!

  1. Lemon, lemon, lemon…lemon, lemon, lemon…I’ll be saying that all all day now 🙂


  2. In 1966, my wise old grandmother taught me how to never have a rotten day. This was her secret which has served me well for 48 years: “Treat every day like any other day. All days are an opportunity to make money and an opportunity to take a vacation.” So for 48 years I have had no Fridays, no Mondays, no Hump Days, no weekends, no holidays, no end to the weekend, no end to the holiday, etc. I schedule work each day, I schedule play each day, and I schedule personal time each day. It’s virtually impossible for work, play, and me as a person to all be rotten on the same day.


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