Our trips to various local beauty spots took us to Windsor. I had forgotten how amazing the swans were on the riverfront and we had to spend at least half an hour feeding and admiring the elegant creatures. Even though a couple pecked me because I couldn’t feed the greedy little critters fast enough, it was worth the pain from their rather large beaks!

The town was packed out with students and tourists clamouring to take the best picture of the castle and its surroundings. We took our place amidst the chaos, battling for prime position to capture my brother and his wife in front of the well guarded entrance to the castle. Then onto the cobblestoned alleyway to find The Crooked House which stands at an odd angle, with its tea rooms overlooking the shops and castle.

We retreated to the high street and train station where we found the highlight of the day…the sweetie shop!

All in all, a lovely day!

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