Becoming a Champion

Does anyone watch Man vs Food? It’s an incredibly mouth watering tv show that we follow most weekends whilst having a lie-in, trying to decide what to eat for breakfast. What better way to get inspiration than watching a man challenge himself against delicious dishes laid out before him!

My big brother is in town and has amazingly high threshold to extremely hot food. We decided to take him to our local biltong shop (a South African treat made from dried meat…similar to beef jerky but better!) to sample the various flavours of biltong we get here in the UK. We quickly slipped into excitement mode when we saw a poster advertising their Volcano Bite Challenge. Now this challenge is not for the faint hearted. It requires the challenger to eat 50g of the hottest biltong they have in three minutes! After a little bit of convincing, my brother agreed to take up the challenge. We had to return at 2pm so that they could set up the table, the tablet to record said challenger and of course, milk! Yes, it’s that strong!

Since he had never tasted this type of biltong, we thought it wise to purchase some for him to try before the challenge. So, 50g were purchased and we set off to wander around the local shops until 2pm. I tasted a little of the Volcano bites and nearly threw myself in the nearest water fountain. It was hot and had an after-burn that lasted at least half an hour. I watched him happily munch on the rest of the biltong without a flinch. My hero!

2pm rolled round and we returned to The Biltong Emporium. The lovely lady behind the counter had set a table in the corner and carefully put her gloves on. My brother sat down and the tablet started recording. Another cutomer stood nibbling at a bag of garlic bites and chuckled in amusement. We all felt the tension as the biltong was placed before him. The clock was set and the counter began.

Big B started out slow, pacing his chews as his jaw was a bit sore from the precious 50g he had consumed. The Biltong lady urged him to hurry as time ticked away with flittering feet. 30 seconds were squandered on the first piece and we all became vocal, urging him to chew faster!

“Break them smaller!”
“Chew faster!”
Munch! Munch!
“Wow, he’s not crying!”
“One minute left!

With only Thirty seconds left on the clock and about three medium sized pieces to go, a sigh of resignation escaped my brother. He made one last spirited attempt to break up a long piece and chew it, but the time ran out faster than his jaw could bite.

We all cheered his attempt and a large glass of milk was provided to quench his thirst and cool his insides after eating so much chilli. We were all pretty impressed at his efforts and though he didn’t beat the challenge, at least he tried and didn’t even break a sweat!

He might not have fought Giants, or broken down a mountain, but he will still remain the Volcano Bite Champion Challenger in my eyes, and that makes another happy memory to add to the many I’m collecting in the short time we have!

7 responses to “Becoming a Champion

  1. This is a great post, effective, productive. Yes I know very well of your post. This is a winning and my favorite!


  2. Wow, what a challenge. Well done to your brother. I guess your challenge was the visit to the Apple store yesterday 🙂


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