Whilst we look to the wilting fiery coloured leaves for divine meaning, and watch the dying moments of summer, I search for the little delights awaiting the early evenings and wet afternoons.

One of my special guests usually makes his or her appearance in the midst of summer and then during the colder moments of autumn, ready to find a warm safe place for winter. Instead of talking in riddles, I will show you!


Meet my latest guest. I was busy clearing out the front garden just now and took a look in the cat’s kennel. Wrapped up ever so carefully, like an autumn gift in its cat blanket, was this little one. I say little, but this hedgehog is quite a larger than average adult. I normally find the tinier prickly hedgehogs hiding from the cold in our cat kennels, always munching away on the cat’s food.
Needless to say, my guest will probably be staying over the winter and will be calling out to a mate in the hot summer months, as they do every year. It is so strange to hear a hedgehog bark at its mate just outside our front door in the middle of the night. The first time this happened, Hubble and I ran to our bedroom window thinking a fox had found the cat’s house. Instead, the soft light outlined two large hedgehogs on our pathway serenading each other in the moonlight! We left them to it, wiser to the sounds and not so enthusiastic to get up when we heard it again years after.

Well, to end off my autumn find, I shall hopefully find a squirrel or two in the forest and battle for chestnuts with the scrabbly little nutters! Will post photos when I get a chance.

Happy Tuesday everyone. 😀

6 responses to “Autumn

  1. The words are very beautifully put 🙂 nice post.


  2. Lovely! Like your words!


  3. We like Hedgehogs but are not too keen on the squirrels as we have just found out they have dug up and eaten all our crocus bulbs. Toby is now on squirrel duty for the rest of Autumn 🙂


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