Find Me on Amazon

It’s wonderful to have a home on Amazon where I can list my books and share a little about myself.

Please visit the page and tell me what you like or dislike. Any feedback is always greatly appreciated and if you do decide to download a book, you will definitely make my day. Please leave a review for the book you’ve read and I’ll be eternally grateful!

If you need to contact me about my work, please email me at Thank you.

5 responses to “Find Me on Amazon

  1. Just saw it on, looks good, but your bio doesn’t appear on, I just looked and bought Deception!


    • Thank you so much! I hope it’s the updated version as I have edited and polished it, but not sure how long they take to upload the latest version. Thanks for letting me know about my bio. I shall try to upload it onto

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  2. Just had a quick look, Eloise, and everything is there on I think it looks good and have downloaded three of the books. I’ll have a read and do a book review soon. I’m due to do another one, having only done the one so far and that was about a month ago.


  3. yes – so wonderful – I wish the best success and accomplishments! What is your email address??


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