When Is It My Turn To Be Sick?

I love autumn. The incredible change of vegetation from different shades of green to hues of yellow, red, brown and even purple! ‘Tis the season that heralds the close of summer and entices the smell of hot chocolate and cinnamon as we prepare our daily lives for the winter to come.


Next to all this beauty and excitement trolls the darker side of autumn…

The evil step sisters with boils on their noses and warts on their bums…


Yes, it’s the season of virus upon virus upon virus! If you haven’t had the pleasure of succumbing to the vomiting bug, then you definitely won’t miss out on the flu bug, for it will be sure to be passed to you via general sneezes, dirty hands filled with left-over snot wiped from leaky noses or dare I say it, kisses! Eww!

In the midst of all this autumnal beauty and joy, I have become the next victim in my family to catch the dreaded sore throat-can’t eat-want to cough if I talk/laugh/shout virus. It’s a pleasant little bug that starts with an itchy throat which turns into a raging ache followed by swollen glands, earache, headache, dizziness and of course nausea.

Needless to say, when my poor little lambs caught it, I had to mother them back to health, offering home made chicken soup, soft cool puddings and cool drinks. This was my sick day…I had to drive over 100 miles today, handle the library with lovely sick children coughing in my ear as I read to them, picking and dropping off my little Angels for ballet, after school activities and dropping their friends off too. Then, to top it off, I had to make dinner, sort out homework and was nearly sent out again to pick up the 13 year old who has volunteered to help out at Open Evening at her school. It was at that point that I put my foot down (in reality I threw a hissy fit, had a cough attack and nearly threw up!).
I am currently tucked up in bed in my cozy pyjamas and the Hubble has gone to fetch the last child from school.

I am lying here thinking, ‘when am I allowed to take a sick day off?’

The answer? NEVER!

How many of you get to have a free sick day without a looooong list of chores added to it?


9 responses to “When Is It My Turn To Be Sick?

  1. Poor you. Hope you recover quickly. I am fortunate (?) in that no children – snotty or otherwise – lurk in my house. However I am currently sharing a university campus with over 4000 ‘young’ people’ (and some older) so will probably soon fall victim to (drum roll please) FRESHERS’ FLU.
    Hopefully that will be week commencing 27 October which is half term/reading week.

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  2. Get well soon. Eloise. I hope you get to spend the day tucked up in bed, even if it has to be over the weekend. You would not want me cooking you anything while you were ill. I once put a pizza in the oven for a friend who was ill but forget to take it out of the plastic dish it was in. As well as having melted plastic all over his oven, his house smelled of burnt plastic for weeks, so believe me you would not want me helping.

    I’ll send you some virtual hugs instead and hope they make you feel a little better.
    Take care ❤


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