Children’s Books

Meet my children’s books available from Amazon, iBookstore, lulu and Barnes & Noble.

Scat has had enough. Bruiser needs to be taught a lesson…unless Scat finds out what really bothers Bruiser.

Come rain or shine, Miranda has to whine. Until the family holiday changes time. Will Miranda change her ways when she feels the pain of her constant brays?

Knots or Hairs? What does your dome support? Join LeBrush in the fight to maintain stability on the dome of Hairington.

Thanks for taking the time to meet them!


4 responses to “Children’s Books

  1. Wow, three books! That is incredible! Maybe I’m a bit overzealous/overjealous, but I love that you have childrens books published. Congrats hun! I wish you all the best in promoting them and watching them grow. Really great stuff!


  2. Yes, I followed your linke from LinkedIn, and encourage you to keep encouraging us with your work!
    Universal Date: Tuesday, October 3. 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era)


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