Photo Friday

Bringing a little Autumn gladness.



My grapes are slowly turning a gorgeous purple. I feel I should water them more, but they seem content enough in the late September sun.



And of course, the unwelcome but necessary residents that have grown larger than life!


Hope you enjoy your Friday too. xx

11 responses to “Photo Friday

  1. Beautiful grapes!! ❤


  2. Pretty and trippy at the same time 🙂


  3. Simply beautiful photos… thanks for the perpective on a lovely Autumn day!


  4. I’ll certainly volunteer if you want anybody to tread those grapes for you, Eloise…oh and to taste the wine as well 🙂
    We’ve loads of spider here in Hove as well. They seem to be everywhere at the moment and walking into spider webs is not a very nice experience. I end up doing one of those ridiculous dances trying to get the web and any spiders off me.


  5. Lol, I’m putting you on the list as wine taster! My neighbours have a good cackle because we have an archway just outside our front door which attracts an awful amount of spiders. Each morning and evening they see me doing the limbo trying to avoid webs or the crazy dance, flapping around and screaming when one catches me! Oh I know the dance so well!


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