Yes or No Vote

Today is the day that changes the future of the United Kingdom. Scotland is going to the polls to decide whether they want to stay a part of the UK or separate and stand as an independent country.

I’ve listened to the arguments for and against, but can’t see a definitive position in either camp. All I can say is once this day is over, some will be celebrating their victory whilst the world watches, taking notes. No matter the outcome, the land of incredible history and beauty have influenced other parts of the conglomerate to question the benefits of being a part of unity, in a world where freedom of choice is stronger and within reach. No blood needs to be spilled, no declarations of war intimated.

Let’s take a moment to wish our Scottish counterparts good luck in a very important move in their country’s future. My heart goes out to you as you embark on your decision on independence.


2 responses to “Yes or No Vote

  1. I’m hoping with all my heart that this is not the end of the United Kingdom as we know it, Eloise. I think the days, months and years ahead are going to be tough what ever the decision the people of Scotland make and there are still so many unanswered questions on polling day itself. But as you said, at least this is all being done peacefully and like you I wish the people of Scotland the very best of luck and good fortune what ever they decide to do.


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