Moody Monday

I’ve missed you all so much. It’s been a very long week and even longer weekend. My mum had the operation over the weekend and is still unresponsive. The wait is still not over. It’s makes me think of times when I was a child and my mum used to tell me to be patient. Wait! It will come in good time. Well, what if the waiting is not worth it?

How many years of our lives do we spend waiting for something good to happen, our dreams to come true, the man/woman you love to notice you? When does the waiting stop and action begin?

I want to shake the doctors, shake the nurses and scream at them to stop waiting and assessing and actually do something. Yes, I am ranting. I am impatient and finding it hard to get a grip; but wouldn’t you feel the same if you’ve been constantly pushing the medical profession to notice changes they should point out or push for results and scans they should be performing?

I had a lovely chat with a helpful nurse on Saturday. She kindly listened to my long story about my mother’s medical history. It’s practically become a song I sing to every new person I meet that is assigned to Mum. Once I had run through the spiel, she smiled and said, “you know, your mother is lucky you’re here to tell us about these little changes that you notice in her. If you hadn’t told me that she is less responsive today than yesterday when she returned from the operation, I wouldn’t have worried about the obs results and called the doc to order another CT! Keep telling us what you see. It may save your mother’s life! ”

I was distraught. I knew I wouldn’t be able to drive the hour long trip today to be with Mum and now had a huge fear hanging over my head that they wouldn’t notice any changes in her today, when I’m not there. Phoning doesn’t help. They give the same answers to my questions and promise the doctor will call in the afternoon. He doesn’t. He’s busy with the hundreds of patients. My mum is invisible again and I am the only one shining a beam on her for them to notice subtle changes.

It’s been a long Monday trying to catch up with the house, the kids and writing. It’s been even longer hoping that my mum would wake up fully and respond to commands…communicate…live.

Let’s hope Tuesday will be better.

19 responses to “Moody Monday

  1. I am sending you hugs, and then more hugs. ❀


  2. I’m think of you and hoping for the best.


  3. I hope and pray mum gets well soon..hugs from me to you Eloise!


  4. Hang on in there. Hoping all works out for you and yout mum.
    Eileen x


  5. I hope your tomorrow feels much better !


  6. Big hugs to help you through those tough times Eloise!


  7. I hope yesterday was a better day for you and that today and all the days ahead get better and better for both your mum and you.
    I’m thinking about you during this uncertain time.
    Take care,


  8. Thank you so very much for stopping by at my blog, for liking some of my posts and for the follow. May the Lord richly bless you more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ.


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