Feeling High!

I’m celebrating tonight. It’s been the shittiest week for a long time and I need a high. My mum fell last Saturday and was admitted into hospital on Tuesday with a bleed to the brain. I have watched her go from a bright, sparkly woman to a slurry spoken, confused stranger. We thought we would lose her on Wednesday night, but have seen a miraculous improvement over the past day and a half.

Tomorrow is going to be a whole new set of challenges and traumas. Today was the choice of staying at the hospital or rushing home to a sickly child throwing up everywhere. Today I want to celebrate the plateau she has reached where she remembers her birthday, can recite the names of her grandchildren and close family and friends after losing the ability. I want to celebrate the fact that the sickly child has eaten dinner and is snuggled up safe and sound with the rest of the family watching movies. Yes, tomorrow’s problems will come but tonight, I’ll enjoy the eye of the storm.

A special thanks to my friends and fellow bloggers who have kept the darkness at bay and given me something to smile about and forget my troubles for a moment. Big hugs to you all. šŸ™‚

8 responses to “Feeling High!

  1. So happy to hear your mums doing well Eloise…our prayers with her and your family..have a great weekend!


  2. I hope the celebration continues, along with your mom’s recovery. May you be able to take a happy picture like the one at the top of this post soon.


  3. I’d heard that you were having a horrible week, Eloise, and I’m so pleased to read that your mum is getting better and that your daughter is also over her illness.
    My thoughts have been with you and your family this week and I’m sending you all these virtual hugs which I hope will help.
    Take care and my best wishes to you and the family.


  4. God bless your mum. Glad you’re feeling better too


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