If We Were Having Coffee

I’m joining Gene ‘O at his favourite coffee house and hope you’ll join us. There are quite a few people here already and though it’s noisy, the comfortable warmth of laughter, that rich smell of coffee beans and hiss of milk foaming makes it all worth it.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I’ve been working hard at blogging, tweeting and generally getting to know some amazing writers. I would take a look around and wave at the friends I’ve made. There’s Nishi sipping at her tea…or is it coffee? And I see Meredith chatting to Ronovan over some poetry whilst Hugh is munching on a coffee cake covered in chocolate, sipping his tea. Suzie81 is laughing with Chris the muscleman over a pic he shared. I would smile and snuggle bag into my comfy multi-coloured chair and curl my legs in, sipping the hot brew in my hands.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you what do you plan on doing once the Autumn kicks in. Gene ‘O has already told us what he’s planning but I would listen to your plans, visions, ideas. Mine would be all over the place as usual. I’m terrible at keeping my plans. I’ve got two personalised children’s books to complete and a decision to make on whether I want to market myself for Christmas books. I would ask your advice on whether it’s worth it or not. I have conflicting views from family as it is not a great money earner but gives a lot of satisfaction. The downside is it’s takes me away from completing my adult crime romance called Falling Into You. I’m determined to try and finish it before Christmas, but you know me and my plans!

If we were having coffee I would ask you if you’re going away for Christmas. This would sadden me a little as I wouldn’t be able to read your blogs, tweets, stories. Where do you plan on going and for how long? I would smile and wish you a happy holiday when you do go, but I would miss you. Nope, I don’t have any plans. We like to decide at the last minute.

We would sip our beverages and nibble on cask and brownies, turning to see whose raucous laughter has interrupted the peace. I would smile at you and say it’s like a writers party in here and publishers should be invited to see the talent just waiting to be discovered in this room! Checking the time, I would know that everyone would be dispersing soon.

I would look at you and sincerely say, keep in touch. Once winter comes and school/work/semesters kick in, it will be harder to write but we should try. I would watch your smiles and promises to make an effort. After the last sip of the coffee, I would stand up, collect my rucksack I always seem to carry (never a handbag!) and give you a hug. The coffee was great, company was even better and we should do this again soon.


15 responses to “If We Were Having Coffee

  1. It’s a wonderful thing , isn’t it? πŸ™‚


  2. Great idea and thanks for the invite, Eloise. That coffee cake covered in chocolate was divine πŸ™‚ Now it may be me but some of the links did not seem to work for me. All I got was a blank page when clicking on some of the names.
    Let me know if all OK at your end and I will have another go.


  3. Fabulous post! I’ve been working hard at the blogging and tweeting since the spring myself, and I’ve met so many nice people I can’t keep up with them all πŸ™‚

    Fall is the hardest part, but I plan to keep blogging. Through it. Blogging less, sure. And more photo/video blogging because writing takes a lot of time and I have to be smart about what I write. I’m not going away entirely for Christmas, but will take some time off and do a lot of scheduled holiday-themed posting.

    If last year is any judge, Dec 23 to Jan 1 is the absolute lowest ebb of the blogosphere in terms of activity. It seems like everyone does offline stuff for those 12 days, and then on Jan. 2 they come back with social media withdrawal and binge for a week.

    I’m hoping to have all my social media reorganized and join a blogging challenge of some sort the first week of January.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


    • Thanks for replying. 😊 I shall try too keep up with the blogs but it will be difficult with all the Christmas spirit and food lol! Looking forward to the challenges in the new year! 😊


  4. Lovely… I will enjoy my quiet spot from a cushy chair, probably just watching you all and listening — since that’s the kind of mood I’m in tomorrow. Tomorrow, when there are probably less people, and it might be a little quieter and everyone else has shared, then I might share more about what’s happening with me. For now though, I would smile at your planning for the holidays, wonder what my own blogging life will look like in the winter — pretty sure it wont change much. And I would encourage you, maybe just with a smile, to work on that project you want to work on. Not a big money-maker, perhaps, but it’s what you want to do, so.. go for it!


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    • Thanks for having that cuppa with me Hugh! I shall be starting my Christmas shopping earlier this year due to a certain gentleman giving away the secrets of free bubbly and great bargains! πŸ™‚


      • Now I wonder who that was? (I say while looking around me) πŸ™‚

        It was a real pleasure, Eloise and thank you for inviting me and sharing the idea of this post. I think it’s going to catch on.


  6. Hi Eloisee! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. I hope you will answer the questions and complete the circle.
    Check out my post: http://wp.me/p4FSmk-vO
    Happy Sunday!


  7. Hello again Eloise. I stopped by earlier but just sampled the coffee cake and left my calling card. This time I plan on having a little more coffee and signing the register.

    All of this talk about Christmas is a little depressing since I’m still trying to do summer. Oh well, I guess Autumn is almost here. Actually, Autumn is my favorite season.

    Over Autumn I’m going to get off of my lazy behind and send my query letter to more agents. My fourth draft has been done for over six months, time to get cracking.

    Having a goal for your writing is great. Even if you don’t finish your book by Christmas just having the goal should keep you busy plugging away at it. As far as the personalized children’s books go, it sounds to me like you are going to complete them anyway, you are just wondering if you should make them a priority for the Christmas market. If that’s the case, go for it. Still make time to do at least some work on your adult book so it doesn’t get stale.

    I’ll most likely come down to the “camp” for Christmas. I don’t like to travel all that much during the holidays. Cape Cod is very quite during the winter but very pretty. Yes, I walk the beaches in subzero (F) temperatures and the howling wind.

    It’s been nice visiting and chatting. Hope to visit again.


    • Thanks for stopping by again Trent. Always great to see you. Thank you for the pep talk. I need it, especially today. Good luck with your query letters to the agents. I do love autumn too with the crunching of leaves and spectacular display of colours. Sounds like Cape Cod is the perfect place to be over Christmas. Don’t forget those thermals for the subzero temperatures!

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