Walk With Me

One of my favourite things to do is to take walks with a friend of mine and her dog Marley. We choose various routes that make the walk interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. Here are a few pics I have snapped during my walks. One day I will have my own four legged friend to walk (that’s not a cat!), but until then I borrow the gorgeous Marley who is the best looking dog I know!

Let’s take a walk together…

I have to start our walk at my sister-in-law’s front garden. I love the slate stones mixed with various flowers, soft greys with vibrant reds.

This multi-coloured bark was off a fallen tree in the Swinley forest. I couldn’t resist taking a close up to try and capture the way the bark flakes off in warm reds and browns. It was a huge tree too. Sorry I don’t know what type it was. Hopefully someone will know and tell us.

This mossy patch was next to the stony path along the Swinley forest, hidden in a ditch with trickling water. Can you spot the little faces in the green spongy surface? I see a little face with a mouth in the shape of an ‘o’!

For my last pic I felt compelled to include a snowy pic as I love the snow. This is the forest covered on one of those rare days we all enjoy when the snow is deep enough to slide on and trudge through…yes trudge! (Usually we only get a light dusting!). The softness and white clarity against the surrounding darkness of the trees was serene. The silence that enveloped us as we stood at the top of this slope was a perfect accompaniment to the beautiful imagery before us.

Hope you enjoyed going on a walk with me. Let’s do it again next week!

6 responses to “Walk With Me

  1. I love your descriptions. No picture of Marley? I fear you may have plenty of snow to trudge in this year as autumn seems to have come early – at least in North Wales.


    • Ooh don’t get me excited…snow! The downfall is that the chill will spoil my grapes this year! I couldn’t put a photo of Marley without his owner’s permission. Will see if I can in another post. 🙂


  2. Oh wow this was lovely the descriptions and the imagery. Loved the photo of the tree bark..:)


  3. Great walk. Yes, I like the tree bark. A lot of great color in it.


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