I’m Going Off the Rails Tonight – Authors Are People Too

Wise words that we should all heed. Please take the time to read this.

Author P.S. Bartlett

Tonight I skipped about the internet and read some really horrible things.

I swore I wouldn’t do it but I did. It really made me sad when I saw some of the things that were being said. Yes, some of these comments on these so called news sites were just trolls trying to stir people up, and unfortunately, a lot of people were too ignorant not to see through it and they of course had to fire back with their own nasty remarks. Sometimes I honestly think the internet was a really bad idea. Then, I have to remind myself of all of the good things the internet has brought us…like the ALS ice bucket challenge. 🙂

From there, I sat here and wrote up this list. This list is about US as a Nation of people. It’s about ALL of us. Granted, these are my personal views but none…

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