I’m watching the spectacular sunset and sipping a glass of Chardonnay. Dinner is done and my body aches. This has been a day of two halves.

We started our morning pretty late as everyone needed to catch up with sleep from our over-active weekend. This kids woke up late which gave me a chance to lie in and plan the week. Unfortunately I never follow through with plans! Instead, after a quick shower, the house was cleaned and washing done. My youngest sprog woke up and wanted a breakfast of chocolate toast. As a special treat I added raspberries I picked whilst hanging out the washing. Yup, I multi-task pretty good!

Once three kids made their way down to the kitchen, more chocolate toasts were prepared and they were given their chores for the day. We managed to settle down to homework/studies pretty late in the morning. I have been commissioned to write a story for two little girls and I set the task of having five pages done and edited. Boy was that a challenge! Have you ever tried focusing on a storyline with kids bickering over who has the pencil, erraser, black pen, any blasted thing they can argue about? Yes, my nerves were tested and I shouted a couple of times.

Thankfully the youngest completed quite a few pages of math, second one completed an English essay using different describing words from the thesaurus to strengthen her vocabulary, third one refreshed her maths theories and fourth (pain in my ass) oldest decided to lecture everyone and probably studied more than the others put together. He’s pretty intelligent and annoys the hell out of me. I’m finding it harder and harder to win an argument! Anyway I digress.

The second half of the day was spent fixing the patio. Yes I tackled it again and found more rotten pallets that had to be removed. The eldest and I argued the afternoon away whilst moving the newer pallets to form part of the patio. I also started a fire to burn away the horrible bits of broken wood scattered across my once beautiful garden. This has taught me to never work with children – a lesson I seem to forget every holiday. Needless to say with thing one and two running around trying to add leaves to the fire, thing three screaming because some insect thought her hoodie looked like a perfect hideout and thing four lecturing on how I should stop, my afternoon felt loooong and tiring ,

Back to my glass of Chardonnay and good company of fellow bloggers. I met a very interesting man today. He came to do a maintenance check on our boiler and we got to chatting, as you do, over a cup of tea! His name is Ken and he is part of a group called the Sealed Knot. I shall be writing a piece on his interesting hobby that really impressed me. Look out for Ken of the Sealed Knot!

I shall leave you now to detox and probably have another shower to remove the extremely large spiders I feel crawling all over me from those yucky pallets! Once I return to human, I shall type out Ken’s story.

Until then, adieu.


6 responses to “Monday!

  1. Whew! quite an eventful day you’ve had and managed to blog as well kudos to you Eloise! cant wait to hear about Ken and the Sealed Knots!


  2. Looking forward to the Sealed Knot piece. I’ve seen them in action many years ago.


  3. Ken and the Sealed Knot sounds like it should be a novel, but I’m looking forward to hearing all about what he told you. I only wish the man who came to service our boiler the other week was as interesting as Ken sounds. All I could get out of him was a few grunts and he woofed down a whole packet of my Oreo’s in the process!
    Oh, and I hope we get to see that patio once it’s finished. πŸ™‚ Have a great Tuesday, Eloise.


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