Macaulay The Dog: now on audio!

Kate Shrewsday

There is nothing, is there, like a laugh just before bedtime. For the dog lovers amongst you, Macaulay The Dog seems to do the trick. So I’ve begun to record his slightly haphazard and enduringly odorous adventures onto podcasts.

They’re not long -about four minutes or less. But here at Shrewsday Mansions we have found they are ideal for listening to at bedtime.

Though breakfast is fine too. And indeed, any other time of the day you care to choose.

Whilst I play around with my site to work out a way you can get an RSS feed for the podcasts – and receive notification of each audio story as it arrives – I am posting the podcast in the body of my posts. It seemed like the sensible thing to do. So here goes: to play, click here.

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