Letter to a Friend

Dear friend, or just an illusion,

The hope you have withdrawn has blinded me.
Our plans and dreams a distant reminder
Of the short prelude of friendship we shared.
Closeness, the promise of a support system
To breathe life into our dreams;
The surprise of finding a kindred spirit
In the midst of chaos and noise.
Now forgotten or released.

I walk on, pretending all is well
But the taste of what could have been lingers.
My fingers hastily fly across keys
To capture a word, a thought, a joke, a smile
Lost in the ether to the silence it receives.

As you move forward to more exciting friendships
My letter serves as a reminder to myself more than to you
Of a time when promises were made and kept,
So that I can hold onto the hope
That one day I will friend a true friend
Who will capture those promises and fulfil them.

Yours in memory
A forgotten friend



2 responses to “Letter to a Friend

  1. I can feel you, I could really relate!


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