Blog Hopping!

I have been chosen by a fantastic blogger, ronovanwrites, to answer a few questions about myself and my work.  Let’s first give a brief breakdown of the person who nominated me…

Ronovan blogs with a purity of spirit that has his followers enthused by the poetry and general topics  he touches on. Not only does he take the time to contribute his own work, he promotes other bloggers through interviews and posts that highlight the strengths of each writer, bringing unknowns like myself into the limelight! If you like positive narratives from a person that inspires others to overcome illness and share a part of themselves, check out his site at


Now onto the questions asked.



My main focus is on my new novel called Falling Into You, a crime romance.  The book delves into temptation in marriage and the consequences thereof.  I am building characters which will feel as real as the people around us and the reader will be drawn into places we only want to imagine as reality.

For my younger readers, I am still tackling Ginger and Garlic – a little story about two young chicks and their search for a forever home.  Illustrating this tale has been challenging!

A Tale of Knots is awaiting its turn for pics to be added to the paperback version as the ebook is already available.

There are other stories in the pipeline just waiting for their chance to become reality, but for now, I think I have enough on my plate!



The stories I tell have a mixed flavour.  Instead of following the romance between two characters, I try to add a voice to the background noise. I love to leave the baddies with an option to come back and wreak havoc on our unsung heroes.  My main characters have big flaws, showing just how human they are.



I enjoy the challenge of creating stories that draw you in and make you want to strike the villains, scream at the weak characters and move with the action heroes.  When I achieve this, I am happy!

A big thank you to Ron for nominating me to join the blog hop.
Here is my list of wonderful writers I would like to invite to the blog hop:


Kate Shrewsday

Author P.S. Bartlett

They are collectively incredible authors and bloggers.  Please take the time to click on their links.


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