Swimming With The Fish

Ever get the feeling you are co-existing in an aquarium with many varieties of fish? Some fat, some thin, fish with colours flashing past and others wearing dull décolletage to cloak their fishy bodies. There is a certain ambience in the nature of the fish in the aquarium. You slowly get to know the faces, judge their reactions correctly and avoid the troublesome barbs of some fish that enjoy sending out stings.

For me, I survive in many different aquariums. It’s as though I jump from one bowl to the other, meeting new fish, catching up with old ones and ignoring some I’ve known for years! My amusement ignites when the politics of an aquarium upsets the natural order. Some fish want to move forward, make a mark for themselves. The others renege power and regress back to mere guppies instead of Siamese fighting fish. Being a friendly sort of fish myself, I try to engage with the cliquey clown fish who don’t allow you to join their anemone unless you are offering something they want or like. Way too much effort! Jumping into another tank I find hagfish and lampreys trying to drain the life out of me. A quick jump to a safer environment and I’m back with the guppies.

As interesting as it may sound trying to integrate into different societies, it’s sometimes easier to hang about with your own species. That is unless you suffer from my paradox; I come from a variety of species and the only way of belonging is by mixing with a variety of fish who echo my ethos on life. I don’t always get it right. Some mixes are either too volatile or lack responsiveness. Sooner or later I have to move on to another batch of fish. I wonder if others suffer this same predicament. Do you find it hard to match your aquarium up with the environment you want to live in? Or do you create your own aquarium like I end up doing? Filling it with varieties of fish that motivate you to be faster, happier, satisfied with being who you are in an aquarium built to accommodate varieties that make the mind boggle!Until of course the next shark comes along to upset everything!

Tell me about the environments in which you co-exist.


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