My Writing: The What, the Why, the How, and one other thing I forget . . .


Participating in a Blog Hop is something you can’t turn down. I guess you can, but when . . .

 Jenna Willett of Jen’s Pen Den



. . . asked if I would participate, how could I say no? I doubt she hears no very often. She’s a great source of a lot of writing advice. She finds the articles and then posts them with her own comments from writing experience and links back to the articles she’s found. She’s not just a sharer, she’s a liver of it, and a doer of it. She’s living in our world of writing. Definitely click the Link above the top photo for her answer to the questions I’m about to answer. I mean, she’s sold a book to a studio?

Now to me. I know . . . but it’s part of the deal. Over time answers change to the same…

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