Here Lies Jane Eyre

Kate Shrewsday

All thought of her flies to those sparse hills and moors of the North. Who can forget the scene where Jane Eyre, ousted from Paradise by a mad wife in Thornfield’s capacious attic, lies down  on the moor, to die?
But fate has many years of prosperity and happiness in store for Jane. She cheats death and grasps life as only a Bronte heroine can.All the more unsettling,  then, to discover her grave. In an entirely un-Northern, counter-rugged location.For I found Jane Eyre buried in Salisbury.

It is never difficult to find the cathedral in a cathedral town. You park, you look up, you follow the spire. And I was doing just that when I came upon a little  church: the rather lovely mediaeval church of Thomas Beckett.

Step inside and feast upon the spectacular wall paintings, the exquisite wooden tracery. It is a jewel among churches: and as I…

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