A Tale of Knots!

Yes! At last the ebook is done. Several weeks of re-writing, editing, proof reading and fighting with the cover and I have another children’s book out!

Now this would usually be the part where I heavily market the book; pressing my opinions on why parents should download A Tale Of Knots for the children. I would try to describe the strong, brave, loving main character, Le Brush, who speaks with a weird Spaghetti accent that makes him pronounce words in an amusing, maybe confusing way. Or try to describe the love between little Babylock and his grandpa Ash. Yes, it would be a great feat attempting to get you interested in a book about the hairy dome of Hairington.

If purchance, you do decide to download the book, please leave feedback. It always helps knowing if I amused my target audience or absolutely bored them to tears! A writer can only improve with feedback from her audience.

Of course, this is the part where I compliment you and re-iterate what a kind audience you are and how grateful I am to have you listen to my periodicals and lame book promotions!

Forever aiming to please, I remain, your humble writer.


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