Thoughts on Death

We mourn the passing of our loved ones and cherish the memories left behind. The body we inhabited is cried over, though the soul has already passed through Death’s door. We watch our loved ones unwillingly relinquish their hold on our remains as our souls fight for the liberty promised in the scriptures. It questions whether the prayers are more important than the ceremony or if both bring closure for the living and the dead.


4 responses to “Thoughts on Death

  1. Death… closure yes… but a new beginning for both those who survive – they must learn to leave, mourn and live again. for those who die – a relocation and new existence in heaven where leaving and mourning produce no pain and living again in the newest of possibilities.

    Have you received the Liebster Award yet? I’ve just been nominated and I’d like to nominate you… but you probably have. Am I right? Let me know ok?


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