Love Letter

My Love,

I sit here waiting for you. The pain of sitting in silence knowing I could be somewhere else right now is agony. But I sit still, wondering where you are, if you are waiting too. The voices around me pervade the silence of my heart. Its beats stutter when I hear mention of your name, smell the cologne you favour or if I am lucky enough to hear the soft lilts of your voice.

A montage of memories flash before my eyes, lifting a smile to my lips and tears unhindered fall shamelessly. I know you feel it – the pain of our separation. Months, years, centuries could pass and the pain would remain constant. As constant as my love for you.

My skin craves your touch and my lips ache for yours to cover them in an endless kiss. My hands shake, wanting to feel your strength against me, crushing me to you in your loving embrace. Heat rushes through my cheeks as I reminisce our nights of passion together. My companions think I am ill but I know what ails me. Missing you. Loving you. Wanting you.

I end this letter with the hope, the need for you to reply and put me out of my misery. Return to me. Leave your life and escape. Say yes!

Forever yours

PS. I challenge you, my fellow bloggers to send your reply to this letter!


4 responses to “Love Letter

  1. My Dream,

    I was astonished at your words. Our time together was something I believed must have only been lived out in a fantasy and with no word since all hope had been lost. The aching I have felt all of this time increases with each thought. The nights never end and blend into the days. My eyes never shut without seeing you…and me…and who can sleep then?

    Your velvet like lips kissing my throat and gentle fingertips sliding over my skin have been missed and longed for. I can only see your eyes smiling up at me when I look into the night. I have not been able to think clearly since you. I try to create beauty but each time I fail because nothing compares to what we created together. My eyes see you, my heart sees you…and then your absence, your silence darkens everything I touch or imagine.

    Now knowing you long for me as well, that this silence has been something mistaken…you may not receive these words before I am able to rush to you. The pain that makes me tremble at the memory of you and your touch moves me even now to rush my words.

    My beautiful love I will be yours again and never part from your touch for as long as life is in me.

    Longingly Yours


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