Writing 101, Day Seven: Give and Take

Sigh! “Please Cara!” the pleading, whining voice replied.

“Not till you admit it,” comes the angry response. “Tell me you did it and I will.”

“I didn’t do it, I swear,” a tiny strained response. “Please Cara. My legs are getting sore.”

“I don’t care Melanie! Your legs can fall off as far as I’m concerned. You’re a big fat liar and I’m not helping you,” Cara shouts, banging on the door between her and the little sister on the other side.

“I’ll tell Mom and she will be sooo mad, she’s gonna punish you!” cries Melanie.

“I don’t care,” says Cara, though her voice betrays her fear. She shakes her curly halo atop her ten year old head and growls again. “All you have to do is tell the truth Mel, and I promise this will all end.”

“No you won’t! You’ll pound me. I know it”

“Well let’s see how long you can last on that side of the door, shall we?” A wicked grin crosses Cara’s face. “How long can you last Mel?”

Soft sobs can be heard through the door. Cara listens anxiously, her stubborn bravado forgotten at the sound of her six year old sister’s tears. She holds her breath, waiting.

“Okay Cara, you win. You win! I’ll admit it.” A sigh followed by a sob filters through the wooden divide. “I did break Barbie’s leg and hid her in the rubbish dump. I’m so sorry! Now please Cara, give it to me!”

Cara’s triumph feels empty and cold. She looks down at the object in her hand and has half a mind to chuck it down the stairs.

A little voice whispers, “Cara, are you still there? Please don’t leave me.”

Cara’s heart breaks and she opens the bathroom door. “Here!” she says roughly, passing the toilet roll that was held hostage in her hands for the past 10 minutes. “Next time don’t touch my toys, okay?”

Melanie smiles at her big sister. Relief floods her tear stained eyes as she grabs the toilet roll and attaches it to the silver bar on the wall next to her. “It felt like forever sitting here waiting for you to pass me the bog roll!” she grins.

“Didn’t feel that long to me,” sniggers Cara as she walks out the bathroom door!


2 responses to “Writing 101, Day Seven: Give and Take

  1. I think you did an amazing job with the dialogue in this. Especially impressive were the tags you added before or after the dialogue which provide extra details and context regarding the setting and characters. This helped provide a very full picture for me as a reader. Super! 🙂


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