Romance Me

Cold, wet days leave my mind yearning for something to warm my inner cockles, so to speak, and resonate a smile from a feel-good factor.  For me, it is romance!

Falling in love is the warmest, loveliest, adrenaline pumping way to warm up and smile.  It doesn’t have to be my own romance (after fifteen years of marriage that’s a big ask!) but reading about one or watching it unfold in a good movie is good enough.  I love The English Patient.  It’s one of my all-time favourite movies and books; though I have to admit I loved the movie more than the book.  If the mood is low and I feel a pick-me-up is required, my old faithful romances with dog ears and loose pages come out from my secret cupboard and I pour over them, extracting the heart pumping excitement of the chase, the want, the yearning and of course, the devastation of plans going awry.

My smile comes when the inevitable end of the characters falling for each other and sharing a lifetime of happiness closes the end of the story.  I know The English Patient doesn’t have quite the same ending, but it makes up for it in the passion unfolding in the chapters and of course a tear at the end for ever-lasting love.

If only we could live in a world where we could create this reality and heart-throbbing romance every once in a while.  How exciting would life be?  Though I can hear my husband wailing in the background at the thought of it, surprise romantic gestures are just as good!  Now just to round up the list of things I like and get him going, albeit reluctantly, to romance me!

We all crave love in different ways, be it passion, romance, food, sport, literature.  One thing that is common is the need to feel something; a pinch in the right direction to know that we are alive, with feelings.  I spend a moment pondering on those without someone close to love them and guilt filters in as I have a loving family around me and yet I crave more.  Am I the only greedy person that feels this way?

Whilst I wile away a dreary Thursday afternoon deciding on which romantic book to attack tonight, I wonder… who out there will be joining me in the search for romance to warm them up on a cold, wet, dreary night?

PS.  If you would like to read on of my own romance stories, trying Tale of the Nightbird

.  It’s short and sweet!

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