Taste the Rainbow

Positive posters littered across social media sites irritate the hell out of me.  Reason?  Because the majority preach a truth most of us will never achieve or die trying.

“If you dream it, you can achieve it.  If you want it, you can become it.” Bull dust!  I want to become a world famous writer with movie studios begging me for rights to develop my books into movies.  I can hear you laughing.  I’m laughing too.

Every day is my own special day.  The day I see a letter in the post heralding the news that I have been chosen by the publishers and they want me.  Me!  My work, my anguish, my ideas.  And everyday ends with my belief in myself slightly, ever so slightly, less than the day before.  Now I have to ask myself; will I actually reach the point where my dreams will come true?  Or will my faith in my “talents” run out before the sweet tasting rainbow bends in my direction?

In the meantime I sit. I read all these ridiculous quotes with their motivational speak and dream of the day when they will quote me … “Don’t believe in bullshit.  If you’re lucky, you get to live another day without complaining!”  Until then I continue edging towards my rainbow, hoping that I am one step closer as I watch on as others taste their rainbow.


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