My Armageddon!

300 missing, 9 dead and 179 lives saved in the latest tragedy to hit our headlines.  Location is South Korea; a ferry off its shores has capsized taking passengers with it to a dark cold grave.  Rescue workers are fighting against the elements of high tides and converging currents to try and rescue those trapped and we sit and pray, hoping for a positive spin to another tragedy.


How often do we hear of these disasters and think, what if that was me?  What if one of those high school kids trapped because they followed instructions not to move from their seats was my child? How would we react?  Would it be with the same anger and violence splashed across the media of the relatives from the missing flight that still hasn’t been found?

I have to admit I am the type of parent that likes to believe in the eventuality of Armageddon on this planet and I secretly stock food and water, medical supplies that obviously wouldn’t last a month, but still makes me sleep easier at night.  A bit of an extremist you might say, but am I?  With the current level of world disasters, crazies walking the streets trying to re-enact The Walking Dead and Jericho, I think I prefer my approach to running and hiding with my family; safe and catered for in the upcoming crazy moments of this life.


What do you plan to do to keep your families safe?  Do we as humans always succumb to the flight or fight system (obviously my choice being flight!) or is their another option that I haven’t seen yet?


Until then, I shall keep burrowing into my little home, finding spaces to store supplies, like a squirrel preparing for a hard winter and watch the news, counting the times we sit and pray, hoping for survivors from yet another disaster, another killing spree, another terrorist attack.  My own personal Armageddon.


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