Deception by Eloise De Sousa

Every writer’s dream is to be acknowledged. Mine is no different as I walk the rugged path of novice writer/author. Stories are like dreams. You try to capture the emotions and detail that flitter by and hopefully portray it in a way an audience will enjoy.

Deception for me was my first taste of really flexing my writing muscles! The storyline flowed with such resonance; it’s as though the characters danced in front of my eyes, living out their lives. Their actions, indiscretions, humiliations and emotions were impacted by the backdrop of Harare in Zimbabwe, Africa. The twist in the story left me champing at the bit to write it down so that I could read it and revel in the fray.

Characters are important to me and my favourite character would have to be Zoe. She is the character most of my readers love to hate. She hides her emotions like a chameleon’s camouflage and the secrets she carries are dangerous to all the characters in the book. Amanda is the kind of woman who is insecure in her own beauty, and because of her past, she can’t trust her feelings for the men in her life. This of course leaves her open to the abuse she faces from Jason who is a rugged hard man, jealous and obsessed with her in a dangerous way. Amanda’s grandmother is the force of nature that keeps us gripped and guessing on what she will do next to protect her grandchildren, but even she is caught in her own web in the end.

I don’t think there will be a sequel to Deception as the story feels complete in itself…those who have read it tend to differ in opinion. I will leave it up to you to judge! Deception is available from amazon, iBookstore and Barnes & Noble.

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